Kian. A

Kian. A


Kian. A is a singer/songwriter born in Brooklyn, New York who migrated to Dayton, Ohio before settling down in Orlando, Florida. Her love for music began at a young age due to her parents’ musical influence. “There was all types of music being played constantly throughout my house. My mother and father played bass guitar and sang at house parties with their friends. My father would encourage me to sing with him and his buddies. It felt great. It was in those moments that I understood how music can bring people together. Those are some of my best childhood memories.“

Kian. A wrote her first song at the age of 13. “My first song was entitled “I think I’m ready” which was probably not very suitable for a 13-year-old” she laughs “but the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that I felt, I’ll never forget. I’ve been writing songs ever since.” says the songstress.


 “I love all genres of music. I was brought up listening to everything: R&B, Pop, Freestyle, House, Country, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Indie, you name it! Musically, I was never put into a box and my songwriting reflects that.  When you listen to my songs I want you to feel as if you’re right there experiencing things with me.”

What’s next for Kian. A? “ I am releasing my first single “Electric Love” and I’m very excited about that. I look forward to my singing and songwriting career blossoming, working with Track Addict Music.”



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